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Princess Madeleine of Sweden and Chris O'Neill are engaged


HRH Princess Madeleine of Sweden, Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland, and Christopher O'Neill are engaged. The wedding will take place in the summer of 2013.

Interview with the Princess and her fiancé.

- Congratulations on your engagement, how does it feel?
* M: We are very excited and happy. It's a special day for us.

- When did Christopher proposed?
* M: It was early October. It was very romantic and nice. We are keeping the rest to ourselves.

- Christopher, where you nervous?
* C: I've been thinking about it for a while and I wanted to wait for the right moment. But I know Madeleine wanted to marry.

- When did you first meet?
* M: We met through mutual friends. For me it started with a close friendship. We shared the same sense of humor and had great fun together. Chris opened up my heart, he is my soul mate.

- Christopher, when you realized you wanted to woo Princess Madeleine?
* C: I immediately felt something special for Madeleine.

- What was your first impression of Christopher?
* M: I appreciate Chris for his warmth and humor. He has a very big heart and he always manages to get everyone around him feel good. He is an incredible caring and generous person.

- Christopher, have you talked to King about getting marry Princess?
* C: It is true that I have spoken to the king and told him that I want to marry Princess Madeleine.

- What was King's reaction?
* C: The King and Queen were excited, and a little concerned, I think.

- Christopher, do you speak any Swedish?
* C: I can say a few words and I'm going to learn more Swedish.

- Can the Princess tell us something about Christopher's family?

* M: I appreciate Chris family very much. They have always been very nice to me and welcomed me with open arms. Chris has a wonderful family!

- Can you say something about the Princess's family? How was your first meeting?

* C: I have come to know the Swedish Royal family well. I have been extremely well received and felt from the first moment very welcome. They are all friendly and we have very nice when we seen them all.

- How do you see a future family?
* M: Of course we are looking forward to getting married and eventually form our own family.

- Where will you stay?
* M: Right now, we will continue to stay in New York because of both of our work. But we do not exclude the possibility that we move to Sweden in the future.

- Christopher, what do you know about Sweden?
*C: Sweden is a great country. It is so beautiful here and the people friendly. I have mostly visited Stockholm and Öland. I hope to have the opportunity to visit Sweden a bit more often now.

One last question: when will the wedding take place?
* M: We'll come back with details about the wedding. But it will take place in Sweden during the summer of 2013.

Responses from the Royal family:

TM King Carl Gustav and Queen Silvia:
"We are both very excited and happy today. We have come to know Christoper O'Neill as a very friendly and warm-hearted person and we wish them both every success in the future."

TRH Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, Duchess and Duke of Västergötland:
"We rejoice immensely in the fine news and wish Princess Madeleine and Chris all the best!"


HRH Prince Carl Philip, Duke of Värmland:
"I'm very happy for my sister and Chris's sake and wish Chris welcome in the family."

Response from the mother of Chris O'Neill, Eva Maria O'Neill:
"As the mother of Christopher O'Neill I am delighted with the happy news. I look forward to welcoming Princess Madeleine, who I am very fond of, into our family. I wish them both all possible happiness."

Message from Princess Madeleine and Christopher O'Neill:

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HQ picture taken in New York on 22 October 2012:


Source: Patrick Demarchelier, kungehuset.se

HQ pictures taken in the Royal Palace in Stockholm on 24 October 2012:

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 Source: Ewa-Marie Rudquist, kungehuset.se

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